astridMarie Astrid

The Artist Marie-Astrid comes from Normandy in France. She qualified with a Diploma in Haute-Couture Fashion Design in Paris and has worked with fashion designers and film set designers for over 15 years, designing sets for both film and TV for the furnishings, drapery, lighting fixtures, and artwork.

She lived in Stratford on Avon, England, for 3 years, where she was in charge of the marketing of French products for an international company

Marie is now happily working with Students with disabilities; aiming to remove the stigma from all disabilities, challenge perceptions and encourage all members of our society to take a positive attitude towards understanding the nature of disability and overcoming prejudices. This along with having her own children, has given her a deep understanding of how difficult it can be for parents and children to communicate effectively.

Marie is passionate about helping families to understand each other and communicate in meaningful ways. The ANTarctica books will help to guide parents with effective methods of dealing with the problems faced by young children by taking them seriously and guiding their children into discovering their own solutions to some of life’s difficulties and problems.

Marie Astrid would like every family to live together with love… and enable the children to become confident and happier adults…



Tina is an experienced Freelance Writer, published Author and Sub-Editor with over 20 years of experience. As a qualified Health and Social Care Manager, she spent over ten years working in Children’s Services in the public sector, managing Serious Case Reviews, the Safeguarding Children Board, and managing the Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Team.

She is a qualified Trainer in Edward de Bono’s cognitive reasoning theories, trained by Edward himself back in 2005 and has written 2 books for Teachers on how to teach Key Stage 3 and 4 children using the de Bono Six Thinking Hats theory.

Tina spent thirteen years as a Children’s Play Development Specialist, advising Local Authorities, Schools and Nurseries on the design of age specific outdoor play areas. She also established and managed a Youth Marching Band for 13 years, where 60 young people aged 11 to 21 years learned to play musical instruments and travelled the UK performing in shows and events.

Tina has four children aged from 15 to 30 years; one girl and three boys; who have displayed many of the fears and anxieties during their Primary School years that are dealt with in the stories. She now has a 3 year old Granddaughter who is just starting to find out how to deal with the big wide world….



All children need love, encouragement, and support, and for kids such positive reinforcement can help ensure that they emerge with a strong sense of self-worth, confidence, and the determination to keep going even when things are tough. Prevention is better then Curing.

Remind yourself that everyone faces obstacles. It is up to you as a parent to teach your child how to deal with those obstacles without becoming discouraged or overwhelmed. Don’t let this busy life, work distract you from what’s really important—giving your child plenty of emotional and moral support.