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Children Tell US Which Healing Heart Stories They Want To Read

Children Tell US Which Stories They Want To Read 

The Healing-Heart Writer Tina is visiting a Primary School in Leicestershire this week, to talk to eleven groups of children about writing stories that will help to solve problems. The children will be telling us what they think of the characters, and about some of the things that they would like to see in the next stories.

The Author will read a book to small groups of children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, talking about how the stories are written and why learning about English is important for spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as how to build characters and how to solve each problem that the story is about.

In fact, we are running a competition with Schools in Leicestershire for the children to win a free copy of one of the books by telling us about a problem that they need to solve. The winning story will be written with them as one of the characters and they will be presented with a signed framed picture from the book

If your School would like to be involved and have the Author come along and read to the children, and talk about how to write stories, then just get in touch by emailing us at info@healingheart.uk or phone us on 0773 773 8018 …