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Healing Heart Publishing Book Character Competition Results

Healing Heart Publishing Book Character Competition Results

We set a competition for Primary School children to invent a new character to be used in the next Healing Heart Story.

Children in Key Stage 2 were asked to write a 100-word description of a character to be used in the book. It could be someone they know, or an invented character from their imagination. Children in Key Stage 1 were asked for 50 words.

We asked for details about their appearance, personality, hobbies and favourite activities. We asked the children to remember to include lots of interesting adjectives and descriptive phrases.

The responses were fantastic. Some sent in complete stories, some were fantasy characters and some were very real characters using their friends and sometimes themselves as the subjects.

Choosing a winner was not easy

So much wonderful imagination was shown by all the children, but we had to keep in mind very firmly, the idea of a character aged 7 to 10 that could be a central figure in the next Healing Heart story, helping children to solve a difficult issue or problem.

Here is a list of the highly commended entries, that were so good, they deserved a special mention and the final winner of the prize to have a book written about their character, and a signed framed picture of the finished character in the new book.

Some of the entries had no name or class, so we hope you will recognise them:

Character Child’s Name Class Reason

Harry B5 Harry Year 3 Brilliant description, and Math’s is a great hobby. Showed great enjoyment of School and learning

Henry B4 ? Year 3 A well rounded character beautifully described with all his likes and dislikes and an excellent description of his appearance. We can almost see him.

Wiffy Wilson B10 ? Year 3 A great description using lots of similes’ and excellent small details. Not a child character, but a very good description

Chloe P6 Charlotte Berrisford Panthers A great character with diverse hobbies of Football and knitting with a dog called Goldie. We even know about her favourite food.

Will P10 Davis Bowring Panthers Wonderful detail with evidence and reasons given for everything Will does. We loved his stripy jumper and yellow shoes.

Bob Marshall Major Man C3 Jamie Cougars A great super hero story with lots of action and interesting facts. We think Jamie should write lots of super hero stories about him.

Kacey MayC4 Kacey Cougars A brilliant story of a girl who worked hard and triumphed over all adversity to achieve her goals. We think this writer will go a long way if she does the same.

Millie C8 Millie Cougars A great description with lots of detail, we really got a great picture of Millie and her friends. We hope she works hard a becomes that Zookeeper she wants to be.

Lilly C20 Isobel Cougars A beautiful description and we especially liked: “Her light blue eyes sparkle in the sunlight.” A kind character who sells homemade cupcakes to raise money for the Pet Rescue Centre.

Clair A12 Kaylan Hughes Cheeters’ A very warm description of Clair with plenty of good descriptive phrases and good use of emotion. This character could certainly have lots of stories to tell.

Joe A17 S Hodges Cheeters’ Joe had great personality and great confidence to wear his favourite striped jumpers. Shame he was a little too old to use in our stories.

Ten of the children above will win a signed copy of one of the Healing Heart Books as their runners up prize, and one of them will win the TOP PRIZE of having their character appear in the very next Healing Heart Book, along with a copy of the book and a Signed framed picture of their Character.

We are really pleased to tell you that the overall winner and TOP Prize goes to a character called HENRY for this wonderful description: 

Henry is a small young boy with square thin glasses and sparkly cheeky eyes. His hair is down to his chin, which he strokes when he is thinking. It is silky and soft and as blond as the sun. He is none years old.  Henry loves sport and his favourite sport is Hockey. He really likes being outdoors because he loves animals. Also he loves to dig up interesting things like dinosaur fossils and any other fossils. He likes to do fast running. He likes to watch TV and play on his Xbox and watch the Bake Off.  

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