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Helping Adults Re-learn & Recover from Childhood Fears.

Helping Adults Re-learn & Recover from Childhood Fears.

This week we delivered a talk about childhood fears to a Ladies Lunch Group in Leicester and some of them confessed to being scared of the dark during childhood, and have not felt able to tell anyone about this until hearing about the Healing Heart books.

One lady even told us that she still sleeps with the hallway light on even now, and she bought our book ‘Lily Can’t Sleep’ to find out about how her childhood fear can be resolved.

Sometimes it is the smallest things that feel very important to a child, and they don’t always know how to go about solving it for themselves, or feel able to talk about it with grownups, for fear of being told that they are being silly.

The Healing Heart books cover a different fear in every story, and the magical characters deliver recognised strategies for solving it. The story characters explain how they have solved a similar issue and children reading or listening to the story feel empathy with the characters without feeling that they are being ‘told what to do’.

The grownups in the story are told by the children how they would like to change things to help solve their fears, and this is a good way of telling the Mums and Dads what to do, without actually telling them what to do!

Why not download on from iTunes, or from our website www.healing-heart.uk and if you would like to buy 10 or 20 for your School classrooms and Library, please contact us and we can arrange a special bulk order price to print them and post them directly to you…

We can also translate them into FRENCH and ITALIAN for you if you wish.

Email the Marketing Manager on info@healing-heart.uk or phone the Author of the stories Tina on 0773 773 8018

healing heart children books