Healing Heart children book 2

Leicestershire Primary School Children Invent New Book Characters

Leicestershire Primary School Children Invent New Characters

this Wednesday morning at 10 am, the Author Tina Gayle of the Healing Heart stories will be presenting the top prize to the winner of our National Competition to invent a new character for the next story, using just 100 words. 

St Botolph’s Primary School, Shepshed, Leicestershire, had all the children in Key Stage 2 and 3 working to enter the competition as part of their English Language and English Literature Curriculum work and also to achieve the aims of the School itself, to connect with the local community and the world of business.

The Author visited the School before the Easter break, and spoke to every class, reading them one of the stories and asking the children what kinds of descriptive words and phrases might be used to describe a new character.

The class Teachers took up the challenge and spent that week’s English lessons working with the children on the use of descriptive words and phrases, and the 100 words was set as their English homework.

Working to a deadline of words, to achieve a set goal is a normal part of the adult business world, and this was a great real-life experience for the children and a perfect example of how Schools and business can work together to achieve and excel in the teaching curriculum.

The Loughborough Echo Reporter will be there along with the photographer, and we hope to have a story printed that we will share with you very soon…. 

Healing Heart children book 2