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Healing-Heart stories ‘self-help’ books and ibooks for children age 6 to 12,Warm and wonderful stories where the characters deliver solutions to overcoming worries & problems. Stories that change your Child’s World. Two beautiful collections to chose from:


1- The ANT’arctica books stories will help Children develop strategies to resolve problems and to help them to
establish a more positive outlook.  


2- Gabriel and Celestine, a real Green message within a beautiful illustrated picture book, story that conveys loads of important messages to the toddler through our Brave little men Gabriel and little Bird Celestine saving our neglected Earth.



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From the ANT’arctica range:

From the Gabriel and Celestine range:

Healing Heart children Stories

We hope you will both – as readers or listeners – enjoy the positive messages hidden in these up to date stories.

Stories are one of the most effective methods of learning, and the ANT’ arctica stories are each based on a specific problem or difficulty that some children may experience.

The idea behind them is to deliver a selection of problem solving choices for children to choose healing heart antonia main ant copyrightwhichever they feel is most relevant or appropriate for them.

The problem solving ideas are delivered by the new friends they make in the garden, so not a traditional authority figure, but rather, a peer who has experienced the same issue and who tells their story to the children.

The stories are all stand-alone, and there is no need to read them in any set order. The children can choose any title that could appeal to a current issue they are experiencing, or just to enjoy the story. The ideas can be stored and used when and if that problem ever arises.  They all teach general coping strategies, thinking skills and self-esteem.

Future ANT’arctica Stories will be covering subjects like these, but if you have a request for a specific issue not in this list, please let us know and we will be happy to include it.

Visit to the Dentist, Starting a new School, Having a new Teacher, Being bullied, Having a Stepdad or Step-mum, New baby, Having injections, Going to Hospital, Going to the Doctor, School Exams, Moving House, Changing to a new Class in School, Loss of a Grandparent, Loss of a pet, Fear of Swimming, Saying no, Fear of the Dark, Fear of Flying, Racism, Being overweight, Understanding those differently able, unseen differences like Hearing loss, ASD, Learning Difficulties, losing things, carelessness, Scared of the dark, Losing a tooth, Going on Holiday, Not good at Sport, Not having much money as friends do, Fear of dying, Fear of Fire, Fear of Burglars, Fear of answering a question in Class, Fear of learning to ride a bicycle ,  Angry behaviour , Going to new places, Meeting new people, Wearing glasses or teeth braces, Being clever and getting bullied,  Being called names, Having a dream or a goal.

Gabriel & Celestine


healing heart gabriel e celestineGabriel & Celestine is a new series of children Books to help save our sick planet.

Marie Astrid deliver A real Green message within a beautiful illustrated picture book, story that conveys loads of important messages to the toddler through our Brave little men Gabriel and little Bird Celestine saving our neglected Earth. Gabriel is a young boy who lives in the country. The idea of this story is to educate everyone to trust in nature, respect and above all to understand that these toxins are harmful both for the flora, fauna and human health .

Allan is in the same class of Gabriel . Unlike Gabriel , Allan is not concerned at all about the environment. On the contrary …

Sally Allan’s sister and accomplice with his brother …

Lynn Gabriel’s teacher is sensitive to the environment. She will accompany Gabriel in the development of is projects …

Beauty the fairy who helps Gabriel in the development of its projects and explain the environmental problems.

Ant’ Arctica Main Characters

Our collection of Fantasy Stories are based on a Family group of three children. Jack age 10, Sophie age 8 and Lily age 6 & a dog called Alfie.

Jack is a 10 year old boy. He always has messy hair, and is a bit of a live wire, often with a scooter or a football under his arm. Sometimes he likes to wear a baseball cap and he has begun to form more complex friendships and peer relationships and to understand the point of view of others.

Sophie Is an eight-year-old Girl, who enjoys having the opportunity to solve problems independently. She is dependent on her parents to take her to places, and hasn’t started to go out on her own yet.

Lily is just 6 years old and begins to experience many emotional and social changes, as she learns about being independent from parents and family, thinking about the future and understanding more about her place in the world. She likes to try to copy her older Sister and Brother.

Little Alfie His full name ‘Alfred’ but is usually called Alfie for short. He has been in the family since before the children were born, so is a trusted friend who looks after them on their adventures.

Introduction to Healing Heart range of ‘Self-Help’ books and ibooks for Primary-School-age 4 to 12 Children.

healing heart ants

For Teachers, Parents and Carers:

The Healing Heart’s stories are designed to help young children to develop good coping strategies and resilience to life’s problems. 

They deal with the issues that a child of primary school age could find challenging, or even just plain difficult to get through, especially where children have their first experience of some kind of change or loss.

The ANT’arctica Book stories will help them to develop ways to resolve problems, to come to terms with change or loss and to learn how to find a more positive thought process when you can’t change the outcome. 

Things like: changing schools, moving house, fear of the dark, losing a favourite toy, or a family pet, perhaps even a loved family member. All the difficult things that happen in life when you least expect them….

Some of them could seem trivial in the busy and worrisome life of a parent and carer; and some of them very major indeed and difficult to talk about; so these books are to help you fill that gap sensitively and lovingly.  

  • By telling a story with a similar issue, the characters will provide well researched, effective and easy to understand solutions; that will teach children the skills of inclusion, equality, self- confidence, resilience, positive thought, and of course the most important of all…… self-esteem!
  • As an children books author we are publishing traditional books, ebooks and Ibooks. Healing Heart Publishing children stories can be found on the ibook store .


As our Site continues to grow, so will ensure we are honestly promoting our relationships with charity partners. 10% of the profits will go to child focused charity organisations. Helping them to deliver their goals towards improving the life chances of children and young people. If you are part of a suitable Charity, and would like to apply for an amount of this funding stream, please do let us know about your Charity and how we might best help. If you would like to nominate a local Charity that is working with children in your area, please tell us about them and what they need.

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