Stories that change your Child’s World.

The ANTarctica stories are designed to help children from 6 to 11 develop good coping strategies and resilience to life’s little problems. 

They deal with the issues that any Primary School age child might need to deal with and could find challenging, or even just plain difficult to get through, particularly when children have their first experience of some kind of permanent change or loss.

The ANTarctica stories will help them develop strategies to resolve problems, to come to terms with change or loss and to help them to establish a more positive outlook when the outcome cannot be changed. 

Covering situations such as: changing schools, having a new teacher, fear of the Doctors, Dentist or the dark; moving house, losing a favourite toy, perhaps even a family pet. The things that happen in life when you least expect them….

Some of these issues might seem trivial to a busy parent and carer; so these books are designed to tell a story with a similar issue, where the characters will sensitively provide well researched, effective and easy to understand solutions.

They will also give teachers and parents’ ideas for discussion and action, after reading our story. Children will not realise that they are learning the skills of inclusion, equality, self- confidence, resilience, positive thought, and of course the most important of all… self-esteem! Catch your child energy to realise the Potential.

We hope you will enjoy meeting the delightful characters and finding out about their next adventure…