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Children Tell US Which Healing Heart Stories They Want To Read

Children Tell US Which Stories They Want To Read  The Healing-Heart Writer Tina is visiting a Primary School in Leicestershire this week, to talk to eleven groups of children about writing stories that will help to solve problems. The children will be telling us what they think of the characters, and about some of the […]

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healing heart I Books for children to read on a tablet and mobile phone,

How to use our children Stories Are an easy way for parents to have more of an understanding of how to help with various issues or changes that a child may experience through their life. It is also a way for both parent/teacher/carer and child to sit together to solve issues and talk about them. We also […]


Stories that change your Child’s World

Stories that change your Child’s World. The ANTarctica stories are designed to help children from 6 to 11 develop good coping strategies and resilience to life’s little problems.  They deal with the issues that any Primary School age child might need to deal with and could find challenging, or even just plain difficult to get […]